Connect2Counselling is a social enterprise that seeks to connect clients with counsellors in a number of ways, by working directly with GPs and Health Trusts to provide a service in surgery and also to offer private clients the opportunity to find a locally based counsellor.

Our vision is to help people experience emotional strength and well-being by connecting to therapeutic services which are easily accessible, safe and specific to individual need. We aspire to remove any obstacles to counselling and psychotherapy and promote professional standards of excellence.

Our mission is to provide a range of therapeutic services which facilitate positive change, resilience and growth for individuals, families and community.

To work in partnership with the primary care sector offering GPs and Health Service Commissioners a responsive, reliable and effective service to which they may confidently refer their patients.

our values are what drive us forward


We maintain the highest ethical standards in all our relationships, requiring professional competence, commitment and adherence to an established code of ethics and practice for counsellors and psychotherapists i.e. BACP / IACP or similar.


We recognise the diversity and inherent worth of each individual respecting all cultures and life

We provide a safe and confidential environment
for the client to be listened to with compassion,
empathy and without judgement.

We achieve more by collaboratively working

Continuous Improvement

We create a culture of improvement, openness
and transparency where ideas can be shared,
developed and realised.

Counsellors and psychotherapists will train and
develop to realise their full potential and we will
deliver value through processes we continually seek to improve.

We challenge and support each other and our
partners to constantly improve.