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Associate Membership

Connect2Counselling is passionate about human relationships and our inevitable struggles.

Our Connect2Counselling team come from diverse backgrounds and are valued for their skills, experience and contribution. We will deliver good colleague experience in an organisation that is supportive, nurturing, challenging, encouraging, safe and a developing centre of excellence. We encourage positive personal and professional relationships. We support one another to achieve the highest standards both in terms of best practice and developing our business model.

We acknowledge that all human relationships are vital, unique, complex and diverse. Healthy relationships can be identified by characteristics of attachment respect – safety –  communication – listening – understanding – acceptance – tolerance – integrity – empathy  challenge and conciliation. Therefore we all have a part to play in the success of this organisation.

People who identify with these ideals are welcome to become Associate members.

Student Wraparound Support

As student associates you will be members of the BACP and adhere to its Code of Ethics. The ethical framework and code of conduct requires practitioners to maintain the highest standards of relationship interaction. This requires reflective practice to increase awareness and develop personally and professionally. We support the student to focus on establishing and maintaining a strong therapeutic alliance which as research highlights, is essential to positive outcomes in counselling.

Applications are welcome

If interested in obtaining a student placement please complete the expression of interest enquiry form.


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Our range of support




  Personal Therapy



Clinical Supervision

Supervision has been gaining recognition as an integral part of supporting people in a range of helping professions to improve the quality of their work and work / life balance.

It is difficult, perhaps sometimes impossible, to be objective about one’s work. It is invaluable to have regular consultation with a trusted professional with whom there is a formal agreement or contract which spells out the boundaries of confidential discussions In addition, good supervision will include elements of training and self-development. Effective therapy requires the therapist to interweave and integrate theory and practice. Supervisors will encourage the therapist’s development, continued learning and self-monitoring. 


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Benefits of Reflective Practice

  Psychological and Physical Well-Being
  Clarity of Thinking and Decision Making
  Work Life Balance
  Relationship Enrichment
  Experiential Learning