Privacy policy

Connect2Counselling Privacy Policy

Connect 2 Counselling has a legal duty to explain how we use any personal information we collect about you in respect of your involvement with our services.

Enquires via our website

We electronically hold the email and telephone contact details you have provided and will request your permission to retain details post enquiry if you are interested in future opportunities. If you do not permit retention of your information we will delete your details permanently from our records.

Private Clients

Anyone engaging with our services e.g. in private counselling sessions or therapeutic supervision will provide contact details which we will hold electronically and in paper format. Counsellor notes of the sessions are recorded separately and anonymised i.e. there are no identifiable markers such as names, addresses, or contact details included in these notes.

Clients referred via GP Surgeries

All records of session notes are anonymised i.e. there are no identifiable markers such as names, addresses, or contact details included in these notes. If you attend in the surgery, the surgery will hold your contact details. However, in the interests of enhancing our service to you, we may request that we keep a note of your contact number. This will be discussed openly and will only be held with your explicit consent. If you attend sessions outside the surgery premises e.g. in our Belfast premises, we will request your contact details so that we can maintain contact in the event of a change of time or should an emergency arise and the session needs to be cancelled.

Lawful basis for collecting and processing personal data

Processing is necessary for service provision and in the best interests of clients’ welfare. Processing is necessary for our compliance with legal obligations. Processing is necessary in the organisation’s and the person’s legitimate interests for us to keep or use your personal data.

What information do we collect about you?

We collect information such as personal details, including name, address, records of appointments, visits, telephone calls and any other relevant information to enable us to deliver effective services. How will we use your information? Your data is collected for the purpose of providing services to you; however, we can disclose this information if it is required by law, if you give consent or if it is justified in maintaining personal safety in the event of risk to life. This will be discussed at the initial session and you will be informed of our policy and procedures so that you may make an informed choice regarding continuation of services. Our information will not be passed on for research, monitoring or any other purpose unless explicitly discussed and agreed by you. Your details are held solely to help our practitioners to support you and provide you with the highest standards of service.

Processing your information in this way and obtaining your consent ensures that we comply with Articles 6(1)(c), 6(1)(e) and 9(2)(h) of the GDPR.