All our counsellors are registered, accredited and personally approved by us.

Personal Therapy

We believe that counselling services should be accessible by everyone regardless of their personal income.

We offer affordable therapy to those who need more help than is available through the NHS.

If you would like to contact us about personal therapy then click the ‘find a counsellor’ button or find out more about our services below.



We provide a range of therapeutic services which facilitate positive change, resilience and growth for individuals, families and community. We also work in partnership with the primary care sector offering GPs and Health Service Commissioners a responsive, reliable and effective service to which they may confidently refer their clients.


Headspace for Professionals

Headspace has been gaining recognition as an integral part of supporting people in a a range of helping professions to improve the quality of their work and work/life balance.

Virtually anyone can benefit from taking the opportunity for reflective practice. Meaningful reflective conversations can improve well-being and decision making. Allowing ourselves protected time and space provides us with the opportunity to reflect so that we can become proactive rather than reactive to the multiple demands that are made on us personally and professionally. Given how much time we spend at work and how important it is, Connect2Counselling acknowledges the importance of headspace and advocates this as a means to creating a healthier working environment.

Benefits of Reflective Practice

  Psychological and Physical Well-Being
 Clarity of Thinking and Decision Making
  Work Life Balance
  Relationship Enrichment
  Experiential Learning